Online Virtual Series Featuring 40+ amazing Expert Interviews

Meet just a few of our Expert Influencers…

Dan Duffy

Doug Ulman

Elissa Arnheim

Ann Ogden Gaffney

Dr. Leigh Connealy

Matt Zachary

Along with MANY more!

Have you or someone you know been impacted by cancer?

Are you ready to move beyond this diagnosis and get on with your life?

I invite you to hear the stories of these inspiring people, who have all made the choice to move beyond to inspire and impact others.



  • Find that you are not alone in this crazy journey , and there are a lot of amazing individuals doing some pretty cool things that just might inspire you
  • Discover new opportunities that may ignite a spark, big or small, that allows you to move above and beyond where you are at, and thrive.
  • Discover simple ways to create healthy habits, and begin to see the GIFT in every obstacle you encounter.
  • Learn to create a new life where you feel empowered to inspire and impact others.


Meet your Host, Kimberly

Kimberly Price, creator of BEATHRIVER.COM  is on a mission to help you get re-connected and re-inspired to live the life you desire.  She encourages you to step out onto the path, and embrace this new journey one step at a time.  There is so much possibility in the unknown, if you’re willing to take a chance. Kimberly is doing this.  She is a stage IV Lymphoma survivor and mother of four who discovered the only way to re-claim her life is to let go and move forward with passion helping others to do the same. Kimberly believes community gives Hope, and from Hope life awakens.

Do you ever wonder how people turn their tragedy into triumph and discover their purpose through their passion? GET the vault with lifetime access to learn how these INSPIRATIONAL individuals have used their life event as a CATALYST to find JOY and THRIVE.

You will learn how to BEGIN where you are at in this MOMENT, put one foot in front of the next and create life where you find HOPE and JOY, and discover your POTENTIAL.